Our Alumni

Elizabeth Hebert, oboe, class of 2010

For me, the thing I loved the most about HYS was making music with people who had the same passion for the art that I do. I learned so much not only from all of the great coaches and conductors, but also my peers. There was a mutual level of respect of every person's individual musicianship. HYS has given me great, lasting friendships that I'm excited to see develop in the future.

Jordan Addison, bass, class of 2011

HYS was especially important for me because of the limited music program at my school. It was my biggest source for challenging music, and my first opportunity to play in a full symphony - not to mention with some of the most talented young musicians in the area. Playing with HYS gave me invaluable experience and instilled confidence in my musical talent, which transcended to confidence in other areas. I am a proud member of the MIT Symphony Orchestra bass section and music still plays an important role in my life.

Bridget Kinneary, viola, class of 2011

Because of the high standards of professionalism and musical excellence of Houston Youth Symphony, I entered college as a music major with a heightened awareness of the expectations I was to live up to.


Playing Mahlers 3rd Symphony with the Houston Youth Symphony is an experience I will NEVER forget


The energy that comes from being surrounded by my peers that love music as much as I do is amazing! There is no other place I'd rather be on a Sunday afternoon than at Houston Youth Symphony rehearsal. 

Andrea Hardy (nee Rasmussen), violin, 1953

The first time I heard a symphony orchestra perform was through a public school program at Marshall Jr. High. I knew right away I was going to play the violin.  As it turned out I had zero talent, but nevertheless never regretted the hours of practice with the HYS. It was what I lived for during my teen years, and even now appreciate classical music from that exposure.

Dayton Smith, bass, 1959-1960

I played Bass in the Houston Youth Symphony in 1959 and 1960 under the direction of Howard Webb. I have fond memories of the experience and consider it a formative influence.  I remember well the rehearsal hall at the old City Auditorium, concerts in that auditorium, a trip to Lafayette with the Ballet, and the summer concerts in Hermann Park in the original Miller Theatre.

Carol Freeman Braby, cello, 1946 - 1948

I was a founding member of the youth symphony in 1946. I auditioned for a position as a cellist with Mr. Howard Webb I always credit my ability to join and succeed in orchestra performance to my early years with the Houston Youth Symphony. I am currently writing my memoirs which will include many experiences with my friends in the Youth Symphony.